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Serving Canmore and Banff, Alberta

A picture taken of mountains in Canmore Alberta. At the front of the picture are trees and at the background blue sky with white and grey clouds.

What We Offer

Our goal is to provide low-cost hassle-free and quick website design and creation.

For a flat-fee of $100 we will provide the following:

  1. Your web domain registration (e.g. "mybusiness.ca")
  2. Building your site using html, css and javascript (up to three pages)
  3. Web hosting for one year (on webnames.ca servers)
  4. Email addresses (e.g. service@mybusiness.ca, sales@mybusiness.ca, john@mybusiness.ca)
  5. Google Analytics code to track visits to your site. We will send you weekly snapshots of the number of visitors

Portfolio Sample

* Opticom Data Research

Many images of skin moles

* Homelessness Outreach

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Contact Us

Email: service@webdesign123.ca

Phone: 403-688-0777